I am an Adventurer

Written by: AFD

I am not Dido.
I would die before I gave in
Like Persephone did.
Helen should have
Fought back.

I’m not on the inside
Looking out.
I am on the outside,
Never looking back.

I have adventures
Like Ulysses.
Like him, I would never
Be satisfied staying home.

I would rather die fighting
And living.
Then die settling for
The American Dream.

I do not believe in Cupid.
I do not believe in god.
I do not believe that good
Always wins. Because
I do not believe in evil.
I believe in nature and magic.
I believe in the arcane
Because I am part of it.

I believe that to have lived
One has to sleep on dirt floors
With only the stars as a roof,
Climbed trees, killed dinner,
Go hungry, gorge on a feast.
Pick fresh fruit, and wash it in a stream,
Before eating it.
Loved someone so much
That it is an aching pain
That never goes away.
Fought for one’s life.
And at the end,
For it to matter
Really matter,
That one has lived.

I am an adventurer not by choice,
But because I can’t be any other way.

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