The Point of No Return

Written by: AFD

I walked into the woods
I took a step.
One at a time
I put one foot in front of the other

I don’t know
When I past the point
The point of no return
But I did.

It could have been
With the first step
Feeling the dirt come alive
Under my feet

Or it might have been
When I past the first
Redwood. So giant
And proud.

Maybe it was when I
Crossed a brook.
A shallow rocky waterway
With icy water that rushed
Over my ankles.

I don’t know when it happened
On this afternoon walk
But I past the
Magical point.

I left behind the city,
And the smog with
Blaring horns, and acidic air.
With rampant ignorance
And apathy

For the world of rustling
Leaves and sleeping
Under the stars.
And I have never been
So happy.

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