NaNoWriMo 2009

Written by: AFD

Nov 1 begins NaNoWriMo. The idea is write a novel, more then 50,000 words, in the month of November.
This my first time. I plan to blog it but most of my focus will be going to writing fiction in order to write a novel. :)
For those of you interested, feel free to add me as a friend and I will add you back. My user is afdafd.
My goal is write the 3rd book in a series I write. I am at 2152 words after day one.

It’s a great month to write a novel! So anyone who would like to join me, come on board!

I am keeping an excel spreadsheet of my progress. Here is the chart.
Date is the Day.
Words is the amount of words I wrote on that day.
Total is the total amount of words written so far. It is added up from the words column.
To go Nano is how many words I have to go to hit the NaNoWriMo goal.
To go book is how many words I have to go to finish the book. In this case I am planning around an 80,000 word book. I wrote 11 thousand before Nano started so I did not include that in my 50,000 for Nano. Of course, I don’t know exactly how many words my novel will be, but I want it to be at least 80,000 words.
Avg words per day is the average words I typed per day so far. It is the average from the Words column.
Avg words for nano is how many words I need to write per day to make the Nano goal.
Avg words for book is how many words I need to make finish my book.

If you would like to download and use this for yourself, Nano.xlsx. All you need to do to use is delete the day one data in B3 and change how many words you think your book should have in E5 and E9.
I have filled in 0s here to help with the display but they aren’t needed and won’t show up in excel. Some browsers may not display this very pretty but you should be able to get the gist.

Update: Book and Nano are completed.

Date Words
11/1/09 2152 total: 63032
11/2/09 2839 To go NaNo: -13032
11/3/09 2620 To go Book: 6968
11/4/09 2500
11/5/09 2660 Avg words Day: 2626.333333
11/6/09 3503 Avg words Nano: 1666.666667
11/7/09 3858 Avg words Book: 2333.333333
11/8/09 3273
11/9/09 2054 % complete Nano: 1.26064
11/10/09 4779 % complete Book: 0.900457143
11/11/09 4779
11/12/09 1413
11/13/09 0
11/14/09 1518 word war start: 60240
11/15/09 6037 Word war end: 61714
11/16/09 2376
11/17/09 3741 Total 1474
11/18/09 1315
11/19/09 1187
11/20/09 225
11/21/09 5127
11/22/09 0
11/23/09 1661
11/24/09 3415
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