Demon hunting and Reading

Written by: AFD

This is the first of a new section I am launching called Random True Stories.

What do you get when you add a demon hunting, reading, and an 8 year old? This story of one of my favorite afternoon past times.

Ethan, my youngest cousin, and I love to read together. From the time he was a baby I would read him literature long before he could even understand spoken words. As he grew up, I began to read him more adult oriented fiction and he loved it.

When Ethan was eight, I bought him a book for us to read together, Carpe Demon. It is about a mom who is a retired demon hunter with kids, a mortgage, a husband with political aspirations. Not your typical kid story but fun to read none the less.

Ethan came over, snuggle up with me with a few star wars toys and we entered into a wonderful alternate reality.

(This part has a minor mid novel spoiler in it)
At one point in reading together, we hit a part where the mom had been running around on kid errands all day only to get a call from her husband that she needed to make a nice impromptu multi-course sit down dinner for 6 in only a few hours. After running to the grocery store, and getting the baby watched, she enters the kitchen to find a demon. Exasperated as hell, she kills him, but the other people hear the commotion and come running so she stuffs the body as fast as she can into the pantry.

At this point, Ethan turns to me, grasps my face in his little hands and says, “Thank you for everything you do that I never know about. I love you.” Then he gave me a super big hug.

Gods, I love that kid!

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