Written by: AFD

I looked out over a cliff today.
It was a long way down.

From the bottom it is long way up.
So much work to climb the cliff
but a view looking up through the trees is magnificent.

A cliff is a long way down when you have to jump.
But it is wondrous if you get to fly.
It appears dangerous when a child runs close to the edge.
But standing at the top soaking in the sun watching
birds fly below and the tops of trees –
tall and proud stand against the wind.
Seeing the world almost like a bird.

I wonder how it would have looked a 1000 years ago.
Could you hear the waterfall softly in the background?
Or was there a roaring river down below?
Did people hike around cliffs for fun?
Were the trees as green and protective?
Did the birds sing the same songs?
Did the air smell wonderfully full of pollen,
water, animals, trees, rain, and healthy earth?
When someone looked out did they take the time to
notice just how spectacular the world was?

And in a 1000 years, will this cliff still stand?
Would we have flattened it for a road?
Or perhaps cut away at it to build a long ago abandoned hotel?
Would it be under water?
Or a landing pad for our allies coming from Sirius?
Would the animals and the trees
and all the wonderful memories fade away
like water under the sun?
Or would a caveman stare out over this cliff
and wonder about all who came and saw before?

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