Black and White

Written by: AFD

I wonder what the world would look like in black and white?
Would green apples be so shinny and tempting?
Would blue skies catch our attention
and cause us to look up in wonder?
Do you think we would spend as much money on paint?
Or clothes, or shoes, or markers, or crayons, or food?
Would snow seem as amazingly bright?
Is watermelon as mouth watering if it were a shade of white?
Would pumpkins on Halloween still hold their charm?
Would stars still twinkle and capture imaginations?
Do you think kids would still hate green vegetables?

They say there was once a time without email,
cell phones, FedEx and over night shipping, or the internet.
I tell them to keep such horror stories to themselves!
Imagine such a world of mailing letters
and waiting weeks for a response.
How did anything get done?

I wonder what the world would look like without religion?
Would we all be at peace?
What would change if millions of people who died
Contributed to our society?
Could they have cured cancer,
Invented a better power source?
Maybe their descents would have been crazy
And needed to be locked up.
Did their deaths stop countless
Hitlers and Stalons?
Or did their deaths stop
Amazing healers and inventors?
Or would we have found other reasons
To kill each other?

I watched a black and white movie
It seems so foreign.
Grey apples,
Permanent grey skies,
And chocolate syrup used as blood.
I can only imagine
(And not do it justice)
A world without color.
I don’t remember a time,
Where I couldn’t just look up information online,
Or send someone a quick email.
That world is as foreign to me as the wild west.
Nor can I fully grasp the world
Without senseless killing.
What would that look like?
No homicide cops,
No terrorists
No serial kills
No wars.
No school shootings
Or biogenic weapons,
Or overfilled jails.
No arriving two hours early
To get passed security to get on a flight.

I don’t know the experiences such a world would bring,
but I damn well would like to try it
and be able to say to young feisty whippersnappers
“Back when I was a kid,
I walked to school in the snow
Up hill both ways and passed a police station
Filled with homicide investigators.”
And I would go on about
Murder and mayhem and war.
These would be the stories told to tikes
Like the horror stories told to me about the
days before email and Star Trek
and black and white.

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