About AFD

I love to write.   I mostly enjoy writing  supernatural stories, but i also enjoy writing humorous stories, romantic stories, mystery.  My favorite is when they are all mixed together – an amusing supernatural mystery with chemistry between characters and some laugh out loud parts.  I love to create awesome characters.  Characters people love or love to hate.

When I am not reading or writing, I am feeding my computer/IT/programming junkie or adrenaline junkie ways. I hike, white water raft, volunteer as an EMT, and laugh all day long.  Everyday I try to grow, learn something new, help people, entertain people, and become a better person.  If you want to read more about my life and what i am up to feel free to check out the following:

AFD’s Blog – Adrienne

AFD on Twitter – Adrienne

AFD on Stumble   (I am an R rated stumbler, apparently my sense of humor is very adult) – Adrienne

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