Math is Awesome

December 14th, 2009 by AFD

Here is an amusing story from my life recently.
I am currently traveling visiting my younger cousins who i am really close to. My youngest cousin is Ethan, and he is 12.
He takes after me in that he loves science, but he does not take after me in the fact he does not care for math. BUT he wants to be a physicist. (we watch way too much big bang theory :D )

Anyway, one day after school, i took him to Borders (a book store) and we are sitting down on the floor between the math and science section having the classic debate we always have where i say everything is math, and Ethan disagrees.

So i put my arm around him and start giggling pointing out my math is superior and i end my argument with “so as you can see, Science is actually math’s B*tch.”
We both laughed manically.


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