Quote of the Day

My friends and I have this amusing game we play called quote of the day. It plays just like it sounds, when someone says something awesome, we call it quote of the day. I don’t record all of them since many of them are dependent on inside jokes, but here are some of my favorites.
Because some times the stories are better when you know who said them, here are the key players.
Me – I am a girl in 20s with an odd sense of humor.
Mary – One of my best friends. Also in her 20s. dating Colin.
Cassie – Another one of my best friends. Has 2 kids.
Ethan – Often referred to as E, he is 11 right now, and my awesome younger cousin.
Spencer – my 18 year old cousin. We spend a lot of time cracking each other up.

In college i am going to major in…
Wedding gifts

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